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Basing Bits - Crushed Skeletons
Vincenzo Romagnuolo
Thank you

Thay came out great. I cant wait to paint them and use them.

Tortle Bundle
Donnie Strickland
Great product, quick delivery, no problem

Great Vae Victis sculpts were printed crisply and very clean. No added cleanup was necessary which is awesome. Shipping was quick and packaging was protective for the prints. Thanks very much.

Andrew Crawford
32mm Scale Snakes

Great minis. Highly detailed and good sculpts. Great communication with ResinClad!

*(Space Marine in picture for scale)

Ghoul Bundle

Good ghouls with tentacles. Thank you.

Baby Monster Bundle 2
Lady SycaDe'lick
Cute displacer beast baby

I am very pleased with my baby displacer beast mini DnD figure because they are super cute and detailed!

Nick Nascati

They were nicely cast and shipped promptly

Pirate ship bundle

Pieces arrived quickly and the shop was very helpful and user friendly. Was a great investment to my weekly table top session.

Nebula Missile Turrets

Very well made and goes great with my Scout Ship Beta!

Satyr Bard 75mm
Jeffery Suter
Clean print and fast delivery!

Like I said, this is a super clean print and delivery was fast and perfect! A lovely sculpt! Only at the primer stage, but it is beautiful!

My druid experience.

I had ordered two minis. Because of Christmas, the delivery time was a bit longer, BUT, Matt had no problem responding to me and giving me a better time line. He even reached out the day she was shipped.

I have never glued minis together so that was a little intimidating. I dis finally get that figured out, and have her painted and in play.

The detail is astonishing. Simply STUNNING. highly recommend!

Karyn Russell
Lovely product

Very happy with the quality of the figurine, however no base was included (as in the photos).

Satyr Bundle
Petra Erlendsson
Saytr figure

I would have rated this much lower a few days ago. I received my first one without the arms and unattached to the base. I sent an email asking how to assemble the figure, pretty unsatisfied with the purchase. I promptly received an email in response explaining that this was to help with shipping and the fragility; the email explained that I should glue on the arms and the figure to the base. I did that just yesterday, and it worked well! Maybe two days after receiving the original email, I received another email stating that my order was being prepared. It said no charge and "customer requested preassembled". I assumed this would not make it before Christmas, so I went ahead and still worked on the one I had with the idea that my husband could know what the gift was and use the good one when it arrived. However, the pre-assembled figure arrived yesterday as well! Now he can choose whichever he likes. I am very impressed with the customer service. I didn't expect them to make a new one until I had tried gluing the first one and only if it didn't work. I would recommend adding short instructions and maybe a warning that they come disassembled for the sake of fragility. It ended up working well for me. I am thankful for a full and quick response to my issue, so five stars!

Solid design

Solid design, responsive seller. Would have liked to have the measurements up front though didn't realize they were going to be that small. Using them for 28mm scale on vehicle base would have liked slightly larger. Also would have appreciated a notification the item would not be ready by the estimated time. However the seller gave a quick response when asked about the items delivery status.

Fast shipping neatly packaged nothing was broken fun miniature to paint thank you

Fast shipping neatly packaged nothing was broken fun miniature to paint thank you

Fast shipping, nothing was broken, neatly packaged, fun miniature to paint thank you

Fast shipping neatly packaged nothing was broken fun miniature to paint, thank you

Goblin Fighter Bundle
Franklin Koch
An excellent figure

I like the minis but again one was broken in shipping.
The scale seems to be a bit bigger than expected.
The description says the base is 25mm, but the figures are?? 28 or 32mm. I like the figures but not sure what size they will be.

Barricades Bundle
Péter Kardos

Perfect quality, fast delivery and really good packaging. I recommend it to everyone.

Skeletal Giant Bundle
Franklin Koch
I like the miniature but not the assembly.

I like your minis but at least one in each shipment arrived broken.
The giant skeleton was broken in 2 places and may be imposable to put together.

Super Glue

The glue did not hold the small item together and did not stick very dissatisfied with this item

Barricades Bundle
Antoine Guerin

Well done ! very good stuff !

Heroes Bundle
Franklin Koch
Very nice figure

I really like this figure's pose. I already know how I will use it.

Female Reaper
Ryan Kuhn
Excellent Quality

Absolutely impressed with the detail even at 28mm. Can't wait to get it painted and in game.